Acuto Seminar 2020

Acuto Seminar 2020

Acuto Summer School

in partnership with

University of Rome 3 (Department of Philosophy)
Research Center
"Pragmatism, Construction of knowledge and Education",
CRIF (Research Center on Philosophical Investigation).

XXII residential seminar in Philosophical Practice of Community

ACUTO, 22-30 JULY 2020

The seminar, recognized by Italian Minister of Education, offers 65 hours of training in two distinct areas:
1) Apprenticeship of basic skills in "Community of inquiry" pedagogy . It is geared toward teachers, educators. Participants will experience the construction and the development of a community of inquiry, . Activities:

  • Community building;
  • Exploring the classic Philosophy for children curriculum;
  • Participating in sessions of philosophical practice (participation, observation, facilitation supported by coaching);
  • Sharing methodological reflections in and on practice;
  • Approaching theoretical frameworks and intellectual tools.

2) Philosophical practice of community. It is geared toward experienced facilitators and teacher educators in P4C, philosophers. It cultivate a philosophical style of thinking and communication by learning to recognize philosophical dimensions of experience and philosophical issues in texts (P4C curriculum) and other materials. It provides philosophical, psychological, group dynamics and community building knowledges, expertise in maieutic relationship and philosophical dialogue. Topics and activities:

  • Theory and practice of philosophical dialogue and inquiry;
  • Community building;
  • Pragmatics of communication;
  • Orality and literacy in philosophy: the construction of philosophical stories;
  • Educating for complex thinking (critical, creative and caring as transactive dimensions of thinking);
  • Philosophy and common sense (Peirce, Moore, Wittgenstein);
  • Inquiry as social practice (Plato, Mead, Dewey);
  • Post-philosophy and philosophical practice ( Rorty, Vattimo, Brandom).

Director: Antonio Cosentino

Trainers, coaches, invited speakers (Being upgraded).

Language: Italian with possibility of translation in English and Spanish.

Joint certificate of attendance will be released by Acuto’s School, University of Rome 3 and CRIF.

The seminar is held yearly (since 1999) at Studies Centre “La Panoramica” in Acuto (near Rome), an enchanting and welcoming hotel offering authentic hospitality accompanied by calm and relaxing atmosphere, in full board accommodation (both in double and in single rooms). Three meals a day are provided, with “zero kilometre” products and Italian cuisine. The “Panoramica” restaurant will accommodate any special dietary needs if alerted.
N.B. The “Panoramica” centre doesn’t allow alcoholic beverages.

General Program
Wednesday 22nd july 2020
5:00 pm Registration.
6:00 pm Welcome.
6:30 pm Keynote Speakers: A. Cosentino, R. Calcaterra, A. Volpone.
8:00 pm Dinner and free time.
From Thursday 23th to Wednesday 29th:
9:00 am-12:30pm Sessions of practice and reflections on practice, theoretical speeches.
1:00 pm: Lunch.
4:00 pm-7:30pm: sessions of practice and reflections on practice, theoretical speeches.
8:00 pm: Dinner and free time.
Thursday 30th
9:00 am-1:00 pm: Final activities, lunch and departures.

Seminar fee
€ 400,00.
Accommodation at “Panoramica” Hotel
€ 50,00 per day in double room (Full board).
€ 70 per day in single room (Full board).

Applications must be sent using the on-line form available at the following web page: